Packing table ‘Cargo’ is the result of my Bachelor Thesis project  in collaboration with AJ Products. The ergonomic and social features facilitates packing and lighter assembly work and were developed based on intensive research of varius warehouses and branches, in-depth interviews and user tests. 

The rollers integrated into the worktop and pull-out unit make it easier to handle and rotate heavy goods, thus preventing occupational injuries. The pull-out unit provides an extra work surface when working with larger goods. The shelf is perfect for storing boxes, letters, tape, scissors etc. and is ideally mounted under head height to enable increased social interaction in an otherwise monotonous an non-social packaging environment. The tool panel is perforated with square holes for hanging various hooks and holders. The packing table and accessories are made of laminate and steel, for long life and easy care. 


Team: Oskar Lillo, Oskar Belzons, Sam Ceder, Lisa Lindquist & Anton Sandstöm

Year: 2016     Photos: AJ Produkter