School furniture

The aim was to develop a proposal, how school furniture can facilitate pupils and teachers to a more ergonomic, social and equal space for learning. Current classrooms in primary schools around Kisumu, Kenya has a total space of 15 m2, where 30 pupils are supposed to share and learn together with their teacher. The strained financial situation and limited space results in a poorly planned interior with heavily constructed furniture, bad lightning condition and sheet metal walls.

The idea is to make better use of the classroom space by presenting new up:cycled furniture constructed from old broken school desks and leftover material from different construction sites around Kisumu. Thanks to the support from Chalmers Innovation Office, 80 prototypes were together with local craftsmen constructed, implemented and now tested by pupils and teachers in Obunga, Kisumu

Year: 2018

Team: Oskar Lillo & Nicola Zuchova